Photo on 5-28-14 at 4.11 PM #2Principal Investigator

Annmarie Carlton

Associate Professor

Atmospheric Chemistry
Education: Ph.D, Rutgers University, P.E.
Phone: 848-932-5778
Link to CV
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Research Interests: Anthropogenic emissions and their chemical transformation during atmospheric transport drive critical issues surrounding air quality and climate change. I conduct atmospheric modeling, organize and conduct field and laboratory studies to investigate these topics with the ultimate goal of informing policymakers so society can develop effective strategies that protect human health, ecosystems, agricultural economies and security. My favorite science involves formation of secondary organic aerosol through cloud processing and aerosol water chemistry.

Dr. Carlton is the scientific leader of the SOAS campaign, member of the ACCORD Science Committee at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, member of the National Research Committee tasked with identifying priorities and strategic steps forward for atmospheric chemistry research over the coming decades.

Dr. Carlton is an associate Editor of Reviews of Geophysics

PUBLICATIONS: Google Scholar Profile, Thomson Reuters


Ph.D. Candidate

Michael Moeller

Education: B.A., Rutgers University (2014)

Projects: Modeling power plant emissions throughout the New Jersey area



Ph.D. Candidate

Amy Christiansen

Education: B.A., Gustavus Adolphus College (2015)

Projects: Transition metal analysis in cloud water; Spatial and temporal trends in particle composition, size, and scattering

DSC_0228 copy

Ph.D. Student

Jonathon Babila

Education: B.S., Cal Poly – SLO, 2017

Projects: Aerosol liquid water chemistry, salt-induced molality and organic partitioning


Ph.D. Student

Ryan Dempsey

Education: B.S., CalTech, 2017

Projects: Aerosol glass transition

 Group Alumni

IMG_1491 small

Postdoctoral Scholar

Neha Sareen

Education: Ph.D, Columbia University (2012); B.S., Cornell University (2007)
Link to CV

Projects: Implementing explicit SOA aqueous chemistry in CMAQ; Aqueous photooxidation of ambient air from the Southeast U.S.

Current Status: Physical Scientist, U.S. EPA – Region 2, New York, NY.

PUBLICATIONS: Google Scholar Profile


Ph.D. – May 2016

Caroline Farkas

Education: B.S., North Carolina State University (2009)

Projects: Modeling power plant emissions throughout the New Jersey area; SOAS meteorologist; EPA site monitor

Current Status: Physical Scientist, U.S. EPA – Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, Research Triangle Park, NC.

10636467_10102520011289188_3773156295990466676_o (1)

Ph.D. – May 2016

Thien Khoi Nguyen

Education: B.A., Columbia University (2011)

Projects: Aerosol water – instrumentation and field measurements, spatial and temporal trends, anthropogenic effects, impacts on air quality and climate

Current Status: Physical Scientist, U.S. EPA – Region 9, San Francisco, CA.

BrianM.S. – 2013

Brian Marmo

Education: M.S., Atmospheric Science, Rutgers University (2013); B.S., Cornell University (2010)

Project: Partitioning of Gases to Ice in the Atmosphere: Effects on nitric acid and inorganic particle formation

Current Status: Meteorologist at WeatherWorks, LLC




eleanaUndergraduate Student

Eleana Little

Education: B.S., Bioenvironmental Engineering, Rutgers University (2014)

Project: CMAQ model challenges: More accurate accounting for secondary organic aerosol formation from benzene

Current Status: Graduate Student at University of California, Berkeley (M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2017); Previously: Engineer at Hazen and Sawyer





Arielle Hackel

Education: B.S., Georgia State University (2016)

Carlton Group Alumni Map


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