Associated Press: “Monmouth landfill tops list of worst Shore air polluters”, By Russ Zimmer, September 29, 2016. Link to Article.

TEDx: “Catching the Sky, Crunching the Chemistry, A Valentine to the Clean Air Act”, Rutgers University, April 2015: Link to video.

Skycatcher: Short documentary about the SOAS field campaign made by Rutgers University undergraduate digital filmmaking students. Link to video.

International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC): Invited presentation “Atmosphere-biosphere interactions during SOAS through multiphase chemistry”  in Natal, Brazil, Sep. 2014 Link to video

NJDEP Why Smog Matters: invited workshop presentation”Formation of ground level ozone” Link to mp4. Note: you can hear my son Reilly knocking on the door while I’m recording.

The Daily Targum: “Experts discuss greenhouse gas emissions, goals” April 2015. Link to article.

US News and World Report: “Air Monitors See Spike in Pollution During ‘Bridgegate’”,By Alan Neuhauser. January 2014: Link to article.

NSF Press Release 13-111: “Scientists undertake extensive field campaign to study U.S. Southeast atmospheric chemistry”, June 2013. Link.

EPA Press Release: “EPA awards more than $4.3 million in partnership with NSF and NOAA for climate and air quality research”, June 2013. Link.

CBS-42 (Birmingham, AL): Scientists study cooling trend in the southeast, June 2013. Link to video.

CBS-42 (Birmingham, AL): The link between air quality and weather, June 2013. Link to video.

NSF/ASCENT: Atmospheric science collaborations and enriching networks, Dec. 2010. Link to interview.

Chemical & Engineering News: “A new reason to control emissions” by Michael Torrice, May 2010. Link to article.

Discovery Health Channel Interview – Discussion regarding PM10 and the effect on women’s marathon times, October 2009. Link no longer available.

Science Daily News Feature: “Cloud chemistry concocts aerosols”, Feb. 2008. Link to article.

SEED magazine: Why I Do Science by Ann Marie Carlton, Sep. 2007. Link to article.

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