DOE research grant with PI Manabu Shiraiwa: Impacts of phase state and water content on secondary organic aerosol formation and partitioning

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Collaborative Research (with Chris Henningan of UMBC): Effects of Ammonia on the Chemical and Physical Properties of Atmospheric Secondary Organic Aerosol (AGS #1719245 )

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Dr. Carlton will commence a modeling study in 2017 to support NOAA’s FIREX campaign.

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947310_131774763680202_1044849252_n Southern Oxidant & Aerosol Study (SOAS)

Dr. Carlton was one of the leading principle investigators of
SOAS, an atmospheric chemistry field campaign that took place
the summer of 2013.

SOAS projects by Carlton group members include particle-phase
liquid water measurements using the SVDMA (Semi-volatile
Differential Mobility Analyzer) and aqueous chemistry
experiments of samples collected by mist chambers.

Read more about SOAS here:

Watch the SOAS documentarySkycatcher“!

SOAS in the media

Community Multiscale
Air Quality Model (CMAQ)
CMAQ is a 3-dimensional photochemical air quality model.

Current CMAQ projects include:

  • Implementing explicit SOA aqueous chemistry in CMAQ
  • Modeling power plant emissions throughout the New
    Jersey area
  • Partitioning of gases to ice in the atmosphere: Effects on
    nitric acid and the formation of sulfate