at University of California-Irvine
Spring Quarter
Quantitative Analytical Chemistry for Majors
Chem M3C
Spring Quarter
Environmental Chemistry
formerly at Rutgers
All courses are offered to both undergraduate and graduate students.  If you have problems registering or need a prerequisite override, please send an email to Dr. Carlton or to the department administrator.
Fall Semester

Air Quality Modeling
Course Number: 11:670:453
Credits: 3.0
Time: TBA
Prerequisites: 01:160:162; 01:640:251
  • To provide students with an understanding of the principles and governing equations regarding chemical transformation and transport of atmospheric trace gases and particles.
  • To provide an examination of contemporary numerical/computational techniques for atmospheric modeling
  • Students will be able to design numerical schemes with useful properties, and understand the schemes they encounter in current atmospheric models
Sample Syllabus
Spring Semester

Atmospheric Chemistry
Course Number: 16:375:540
Credits: 3.0
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
  • To provide students with a command of the concepts essential to understanding the sources of atmospheric trace gases and particles and their chemical transformation.
  • To provide an overview of current topics in atmospheric chemistry research.