All courses are offered to both undergraduate and graduate students.  If you have problems registering or need a prerequisite override, please send an email to Dr. Carlton or to the department administrator.
Fall Semester

Air Quality Modeling
Course Number: 11:670:453
Credits: 3.0
Time: TBA
Prerequisites: 01:160:162; 01:640:251
  • To provide students with an understanding of the principles and governing equations regarding chemical transformation and transport of atmospheric trace gases and particles.
  • To provide an examination of contemporary numerical/computational techniques for atmospheric modeling
  • Students will be able to design numerical schemes with useful properties, and understand the schemes they encounter in current atmospheric models
Sample Syllabus
Spring Semester

Atmospheric Chemistry
Course Number: 16:375:540
Credits: 3.0
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
  • To provide students with a command of the concepts essential to understanding the sources of atmospheric trace gases and particles and their chemical transformation.
  • To provide an overview of current topics in atmospheric chemistry research.