Welcome to Annmarie G. Carlton’s Atmospheric Multiphase Chemistry Research Group at University of California, Irvine!  Please feel free to look around and contact any of us with any questions or comments.

Official Group Photo Fall 2019


L to R: Annmarie Carlton, Srbuhi Terityan, Rex Zhoush, Jonathon Babila, Amy Christiansen, Mooji Boldbaatar, Jeremy Wakeen, Madi Flesch, Karla Garcia

Official Group Photo Summer 2018


L to R: Ryan Dempsey, Annmarie Carlton, Amy Christiansen, Jonathon Babila, Justin Davis

Official Group Photo Summer 2017

group1L to R: Arielle Hackel, Amy Christiansen, Annmarie Carlton, Jason Nguyen

Official Group Photo Summer 2016

L to R (virtual and real): Michael Moeller, Amy Christiansen, Khoi Nguyen, Annmarie Carlton, Divya Srivastava, Julia Daniels

Official Group Photo Fall 2015

L to R (virtual and real): Neha Sareen, Caroline Farkas, Michael Moeller, Annmarie Carlton, Julia Daniels, Amy Christiansen, Khoi Nguyen, Divya Srivastava

Official Group Photo Summer 2015

2015 Official Group Photo
L to R (virtual and real): Neha Sareen, Caroline Farkas, Khoi Nguyen, Annmarie Carlton, Julia Daniels, Divya Srivastava, Michael Moeller

Official Group Photo Summer 2014

L to R: Thien Khoi Nguyen, Caroline Farkas, Annmarie Carlton, Michael Moeller, Eleana Little, and Neha Sareen

Official Group Photo Summer 2012

L to R: Brian Marmo, Thien Khoi Nguyen, Annmarie Carlton, Neha Sareen, and Caroline Farkas